Igor and Hugo became close friends at highschool. In march 2014, when they met up in Amsterdam, Igor mentioned the situation of his house in Barcelona, and that he felt he should do something with it. Hugo immediately jumped to the idea and thus this project was born. In april 2014 they visited all the inhabited apartments (and one empty apartment), and made the photo's and the sounds.

Igor Binsbergen (1964) is a musician and sound engineer who lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. He composes, performs in bands, and participates in exhibitions with sound installations and other art forms.

"I am very fascinated in treating the quantity "time" in art. I try to capture what happens in photography: a sense of timelessness, which clearly creates a paradox since sound does not exist without time. Working with the juxtaposition of different times and events; that gives a certain unreality to my work and eliminates the feeling of time passing. The goal is to have past and present coexist together in a same temporal space."

Igor Binsbergen
Igor Binsbergen

We would like to thank all the tenants of Carrer de n'Arai 3 for their co-operation, and for the fact they invited us so friendly into their homes, Waldemar Noƫ for his help with the English text, and Eva Ruiz for the Catalan text.

Hugo Keizer
Hugo keizer